BBedit 14.0.1 builds on a new, major release foundation that presents more than 100 new features, changes and improvements. Most of these are designed to enhance the productivity of web developers, desktop and mobile software developers, data scientists, and anyone producing or editing markdown documents. BBedit 14 introduced a notes system; the ability to integrate anaconda environments; new built-in support for syntax coloring and function navigation for source files written in r, go, rust, toml, arduino, pixar universal scene description (usd) and lisp-family languages; plus enables significantly enhanced code completion, error checking, interactive help and code navigation when using new support for microsoft’s language server protocol (lsp).

Check It Out: Bare Bones Software Releases ‘BBEdit’ 14.0.1 With Bug Fixes

Bare Bones Software Releases ‘BBEdit’ 14.0.1 With Bug Fixes
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