If you’ve ever wanted to roam the corridors on Captain Kirk’s Enterprise from the original Star Trek series, now is your chance. Or, more accurately, now you can explore a faithful reproduction of the set where the classic Trek was filmed. James Cawley spent years recreating the set from original Desilu (now Paramount) plans for his high quality fan series Star Trek: Phase II, and now he’s teamed up with CBS so everyone can see the bridge, sick bay, engineering room, and more just as the actors did in 1966. You’ll have to make a trip to Ticonderoga, New York, and tours end on October 31. Tickets run about $25, and remember the Prime Directive: treat the set with love.

Check It Out: Beam Up and Tour the Classic Star Trek Enterprise Set

Beam Up and Tour the Classic Star Trek Enterprise Set

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  1. CudaBoy

    Dang! Based on the title I was hoping we’d be able to take a VR tour of the sets.
    Living in Hollywood for decades I’ve seen lots of original gack including set pieces and trust me James Cawley’s stuff looks MUCH better than the original crap sets they used.

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