Beats by Dr. Dre – Beats Pro Lil Wayne On-Ear Headphones: $239.99

Beats by Dr. Dre - Beats Pro Lil Wayne On-Ear Headphones

We have a solid deal for those who like their tunes bass-heavy, Beats Pro Lil Wayne On-Ear Headphones from Apple’s Beats by Dre. Made of steel and aluminum, these headphones feature thick padded cups for your ears. Our deal offers a significant discount at $239.99, which is 39% off retail.

Check It Out: Beats by Dr. Dre – Beats Pro Lil Wayne On-Ear Headphones: $239.99

2 thoughts on “Beats by Dr. Dre – Beats Pro Lil Wayne On-Ear Headphones: $239.99

  • With audio it’s garbage in/garbage out; you don’t want any of the middle stages mucking up the signal. Beats is a horrific joke of GARBAGE at ANY price let alone the crazy stupid expense they decided to sucker Fanboys into shelling for. Your hard earned should go to Sennheiser for a pair of $50 Sennheisers will blow the roof off ANY Beats crap. Same with Koss, if you want flat response and yes-that’s what you want – no phony lows and screeching fake highs – you go with sub $100 Sennheisers or Koss. Spend more if you think your ears can hear the difference but after age 30-35 you lose high end automatically. Don’t believe me? A-B a pair of $50-$100 Sennheisers to ANY Beats cans at any price and you will hear.

  • If I had a bunch of cash burning a hole in my pocket I would try these. I do like bass. I like heavy electronic and sometimes pipe organ. Favorite thing in my college years: Going to the planetarium where I worked. Turn the four speaker-100W/channel theater sound system on and run it at rated power with E. Power Biggs playing Passacaglia and Fugue in C. Would rattle the walls. You could feel it in your bones. I LOVE bass. But nowadays the cats freak out when the flower pots start rattling so I have to use headphones.

    If only I had a pile of extra cash lying around,

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