Bring Your Apple Watch Activity Awards to Life

Bring Your Apple Watch Activity Awards to Life

The Activity app on Apple Watch is a great motivator, especially with the awards you can earn. An even better source of inspiration is to get a physical representation of those awards. After all, what good is an award if you can’t display it? Thanks to a pair of entrepreneurial artists from Ontario, Canada, that’s now a reality. Through their web shop, you can purchase magnetic soft enamel pins for each of your activity awards. Considering these guys aren’t affiliated with Apple, the quality of their pins is really on point. They’re also quick to get the newest challenge pins available for you to buy, considering both work full-time jobs in addition to creating these pins. August’s national parks Activity Challenge award is already in the catalog.

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One thought on “Bring Your Apple Watch Activity Awards to Life

  • Jeff:

    Your article draws relief beneath an emerging divergence in culture between those for whom reality is what exists in virtual vs tangible space.

    My wife used to insist that all photos I took that she really liked be ‘printed’. With the advent of the iPhone and its increasingly capable camera, and everyone’s tendency to snap multiple pics per week, this has become impracticable, or at least, she no longer insists. Indeed, she concurs with me that all of our most precious pics need to be virtualised so as to remain ‘immortal’ for our unborn descendants.

    I long ago arrived on the shore of that strange land in which, if record, graphical, text or otherwise, is important enough to be the least concerned about, it needs to be digitised. Otherwise, it’s inert to my functional world, and liable to loss from both space and memory.

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