Retro Games has announced the C64 Mini, a full Commodore 64 in a mini package. Billed specifically as a gaming console, the device is expected to ship in early 2018 with 64 built-in Commodore 64 games. According to HotHardware, the C64 Mini will have two USB ports, one for a joystick and another for a full size keyboard for all your BASIC programming needs. I was already in the Apple camp back in those days, lusting after an Apple //e, but the Commodore 64 did a whole lot for a little money. The C64 Mini version, which is properly licensed, is part of the ongoing wave of nostalgia over old gaming systems, even though the original Commodore 64 was a full computer. The C64 Mini is priced at $69.99, though it hasn’t yet been added to the Retro Games website.

Check It Out: C64 Mini, a Retro Commodore 64 Gaming Console

C64 Mini, a Retro Commodore 64 Gaming Console

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  1. geoduck

    I just checked. Impossible Mission II is on there.
    For ~$70 I just might have to get this.

  2. geoduck

    Ah the Commodore 64. The first computer I spent any significant time with. Played with Commodore BASIC. Wrote some papers on it, and then had to explane to my professor why I was handing in a 12 foot long roll of paper, (the Page Break command had inexplicably stopped working.). The big thing was gaming. Impossible Mission was my personal favorite intoxicant. I spent a lot of time running around those towers dodging robots. The fuzzy SPRITE graphics were, in hindsight, terrible. But it was a whole new world.

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