Wellness, and associated things like meditation and yoga, are big business for app makers. Honestly, I’ve always been rather skeptical. However, I finally downloaded Calm and really like it. The app is not new. Apple named it ‘App of the Year’ in 2017, and also put it in its ‘Best of 2018’ list. I’ve just recently started using it regularly though, and am impressed. Calm offers a variety of content including guided meditations, stretching routines, and even relaxing bedtime stories (including one read by actual Stephen Fry). Sure, it has a bit of the annoying language of wellness, but the exercises are doable and enjoyable and available on a number of Apple platforms. You generally come away from one of the practices feeling, well…Calm.

Check It Out: Calm – The App For Meditation, Mindfulness, And Sleep That Actually Works

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