In its latest update, Camera+ 2 adds machine learning for photo editing. Dubbed “Magic ML” it’s a one-tap non-destructive editing option that analyzes aspects of your photos that can be improved. It also adds a Magic ML preset so your photos will be automatically enhanced as you take them. You can watch a YouTube video about it here, and read the company’s blog post here.

Some people, like myself, tend to like vivid colors so they are frequently the subject of some of the photos I take for fun. Others prefer a more subdued style, others emphasise texture or geometry. We wanted for Magic ML to “just” look at the optical qualities of the image and come up with reasonable suggestions regarding exposure and color balance, and then have the user apply their own style on top.

App Store: Camera+ 2 – US$4.99

Check It Out: Camera+ 2 Adds Machine Learning for Photo Editing

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