Hey Mac gamers, Aspyr Media has Command & Conquer: Generals Deluxe Edition for Mac on sale for $5, which is now downloading on own Mac even now. That’s right, I took the time to buy it before alerting you, because what if it turned out to be a mistake and the price went up!?! 😱 But for reals, who doesn’t love Command & Conquer? Unfortunately, it’s a single player game these days because Apple has mostly abandoned Game Center, but it’s a great (though old) single player game, so giddy up! This version includes Command & Conquer: Generals and the Zero Hour expansion.

Check It Out: Command & Conquer: Generals Deluxe Edition for Mac on Sale for $5

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  1. Bryan Chaffin

    Hey archimedes, my understanding is it’s not possible, unfortunately. At least until and if Apple changes something with Game Center. I mentioned that in the CSF hoping people would see it.

  2. archimedes

    What does it mean that “game center invites are no longer received on any game that supports game center?”

    Is it possible to set up a multiplayer game or not?

  3. CudaBoy

    Too bad this isn’t the original Westwood Studios port of C&C and Red Alert because these subsequent versions run on basically the Starcraft/Warcraft engine which isn’t the same as original C&C port of PC game. You’ll miss swapping in your own character’s audio as well.😖

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