Conan O’Brien took a swipe at Representative Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) this week with a satirical video introducing “Apple Health Care.” The video is entertaining (and a tad gross at times), and was made in response to Mr. Chaffetz’s assertion that lower income Americans would have to make a choice between health care and buying an iPhone. That comment got a lot of pushback from all over, and Representative Chaffetz kind of walked his comment back, but it was still the subject of late night talk show jokes for a couple of days. That includes TeamCoCo’s satirical swipe (below). It’s yet another example of politics intersecting with technology, Apple in particular.

Check It Out: Conan O’Brien Introduces ‘Apple Health Care’ (Satire)

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  1. wab95


    Sir Jony might quibble about the placement of some of these, but kudos for imaginative use of the iOS devices.

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