Coppice is the latest app from Martin Pilkington. It’s a mind mapping app to help your organize your ideas, thoughts, and projects. You organize your thoughts on the Canvas where each one is represented as a Page. You can add text or images to Pages and resize them as you need. Pages can be added to multiple canvases, and even fill your window for when you want to focus on that one particular thought. Pages can be linked together to show the relationships between them, and when you combine Pages, Canvases, and Links, you can see your thoughts branching out. Clicking a link will show the relationship between those Pages on the Canvas. If you close a branch, Coppice will remember all the pages that were opened and how you arranged them, meaning that entire trains of thought are always just a click away.

Check It Out: ‘Coppice’ is a New Mind Mapping App for the Mac

‘Coppice’ is a New Mind Mapping App for the Mac
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