A tiny Lego Mac called Byte Edition v3.0 is being sold online by PowerPig. It features a mouse, keyboard, and the iconic “hello” screen display. You can even open it up to reveal interior details like a detailed logic board, drive assembly, and analog board. The dimensions are (Computer): 3.62″ tall x 3.15″ wide x 2.83″ deep (92 mm x 80 mm x 72 mm). For being a small toy, there is a whopping 322 parts in total. You might need to grab a pair of tweezers and a magnifying glass before you build it. Go to the PowerPig website and preorder it for US$78.50. It’s expected to start shipping on July 27 and you can only have one shipment per order.

Check It Out: Cute Lego Mac Is Ready For You To Build

Cute Lego Mac Is Ready For You To Build

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  1. jackadoodle

    i miss magazines sometimes. this is too fluffy to include in the normal feed, but would have been a great last page of a magazine (where magazines often put interesting / whimsical / snarky things.)

    • Andrew Orr

      Our Cool Stuff Found article format is meant to be exactly that. If we find something we think is interesting, whimsical, snarky, or cool, we write one big paragraph and link to it.

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