In a new video, Justin Theroux, Melissa George, and the other stars of The Mosquito Coast discuss the range of directors that made season one of the Apple TV+ show possible. It was apple-tv-plus/">announced recently that the show has been renewed for season two. All existing episodes are available for subscribers to view.

Check It Out: The Directors Who Made ‘The Mosquito Coast’ on Apple TV+ Possible

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  1. W. Abdullah Brooks, MD


    Even though I took her to see the movie (Harrison Ford as Allie Fox) years ago in Palo Alto, this is one of two shows that my wife absolutely will not watch with me (the other being Amazon’s The Underground Railroad – another not for the faint of heart). Given recent world events, she finds this too stressful, and watching the lead character for only a few minutes, asked me, ‘Is he just an a**hole?’ It is refreshing to see that this too is the actor’s take on his character.

    I should add, having lived with my family in parts of the world subject to sudden outbreaks of extreme violence, and help virtually non-existent, there may be a touch of PTSD at work as well, especially since most of these situations would have ended far worse in the real world. In any case, it is nod to the directors and actors in bringing that tangible sense of peril, often self-inflicted, to the screen.

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