‘Documents by Readdle’ Update Adds VPN for Browsing

‘Documents by Readdle’ Update Adds VPN for Browsing

Documents by Readdle is a popular app for file management, and its most recent update added a VPN. They say it’s “the world’s fastest VPN service” although I don’t know if Readdle has its own servers or is using another company’s servers. In any case there are two pricing tiers available: A free plan that gives you 50MB/day, and a paid plan with Documents Plus that costs US$89.99/year or US$12.49/month. I’ve been seeing more companies trying to get a slice of the VPN market, and the trend will continue as privacy awareness increases. Is this VPN something I recommend? Probably not. Instead, there are VPN companies with proven track records, like ProtonVPN, NordVPN, and Private Internet Access. Check out the link below to read Readdle’s blog post, and use this link to download Documents.

Update: Andrew Orr discussed this article on Security Friday.

Check It Out: ‘Documents by Readdle’ Update Adds VPN for Browsing

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