3 thoughts on “Watch The Dramatic Trailer For Apple TV+ Series ‘Invasion’

  • Any aliens who come to Earth looking for anything but a toxic cesspool of polluted water and air will be sorely disappointed, and about 2,000 years late.

    Resources? What resources? The only resources left are mountains of trash and old, used phones.

    1. We do have pants. Ever notice that most invading aliens are naked? Sure, they can conquer interstellar travel and gravity, but basic slacks and amusing T-shirts are beyond their scientific comprehension. Maybe if we put an Old Navy store on Pluto they’ll leave us alone.

  • I am so damn tired of “violent aliens invade earth” shows. The plots are all the same, the characters are all the same, the drama/action/pacing is all the same. I’m hoping this show bombs so badly the entire entertainment industry decides to put a ten year moratorium on alien invasions.

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