Dude Makes $70 Hackintosh, and It Worked (Video)

Snazzy Labs made a hackintosh—a PC forced to run macOS—and they spent $70 doing it. And here’s the thing: it worked. To be fair, that $70 included buying a 5-year old PC sold by a hospital ($30), a broken SSD that actually works ($5), and a replacement used video card ($35) that usually costs $100 or more. It’s so budget, he called it a crapintosh, a fitting name. But, if he did it, you could do it. More importantly, he found the performance to be really good—better than a 13″ MacBook Pro in some cases. It’s not quiet, it’s ugly, but it worked and worked well, and that’s interesting. He even edited the 4K video we’ve embedded below with this five-year-old, $70 hackintosh.

Check It Out: Dude Makes $70 Hackintosh, and It Worked (Video)

2 thoughts on “Dude Makes $70 Hackintosh, and It Worked (Video)

  • Semi-impressive that he built something with more processing power than a current MacBook Pro. Kudos to him for his work. But I’d expect a full Desktop machine to be able to out-perform a laptop, since it isn’t limited by battery power. I’d love to see some performance comparisons between the Crapintosh, the 2016 MacBook Pro, and the 2012 iMac.

    The real story here is that, with some heavy research and a little luck, Snazzy managed to land some FABULOUS deals on recent (hackintosh compatible) hardware. Bonus points for landing the SSD nearly for free!

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