Apple CEO Tim Cook will be the commencement speaker at Duke University on May 13th, 2018, and the school used Apple’s own technology to make the announcement. Duke President Vincent E. Price, along with students and Tim Cook, used Animoji for the big reveal. Animoji is an iPhone X feature that maps your facial expressions and what you’re saying to an emoji character in real time. Cook is a Duke graduate and a fan of the school’s basketball team—something he shares in the video. Check out Duke’s Animoji announcement video.

Check It Out: Duke University Uses Animoji to Announce Tim Cook’s Commencement Speech

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  1. geoduck

    When I studied media and broadcasting one of the things the professor drilled into us was “Triteness is a Sin”. It5 was something you should never, never do. This is trite.
    What happened to Duke, or any University environment being a centre of learning, an academy, a place of respectful discourse among learned people. This is trite, disrespectful, and not in keeping with a University culture. Shame of you President Price, and shame on you Tim Cook for taking part.

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