EBO is a mobile, self-charging, family-friendly robotic companion that allows you to connect with your loved ones at all times. Equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity, full 1080p HD camera, a pair of powerful speakers and microphone and motorized wheels, EBO can be controlled remotely with a simple touch of a screen. Using the EBO app, you can access your home and communicate with your family at all times. It’s your roam away from home. Featuring advanced AI technology, EBO can be programmed to keep your loved ones company, from your children to your pet, whenever you’re away. Its surveillance features make EBO a perfect home security robot that monitors every corner of your house and lets you know when suspicious activities are detected. You can back it on Kickstarter.

Check It Out: EBO is a Friendly Remote Robot for Families

EBO is a Friendly Remote Robot for Families
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