Today, CCP Games unleashed EVE Online: Invasion, the newest expansion for the biggest single shared free-to-play spaceship MMO game of all time. EVE Online: Invasion is the first chapter in the Triglavian story, plunging New Eden into chaos, as this inscrutable adversary begins its offensive. Capsuleers will be challenged to meet the threat head on, facing fleets of enemy ships, escalating consequences and earning lucrative rewards. EVE Online: Invasion is available now and is free to download for all players. Invasion will provide a new presence and dimension to gameplay in EVE Online, starting with invading Triglavian forces in the form of roaming fleets laying siege to specific star systems in New Eden. Week by week, events will escalate and Capsuleers will have to directly face Triglavians emerging from Abyssal Deadspace in brand new sites. Finally, players will have to fight for their territory against the massive Triglavian World Ark in a thrilling new combat experience. CCP Games has also confirmed that the Open Beta for the long-awaited upgrade to a 64-bit client starts today on both Windows PC and macOS, which will make better use of available system resources on the machines of EVE’s pilots.

Check It Out: EVE Online Invasion Launches Today Alongside New 64-bit Client

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