Check out NotesKey—I love this site. It has every Apple keynote event since 1997 laid out in an easy-to-grasp table. Each year is laid out by month, and each keynote event is represented with an icon that immediately conjures up memories of that event. The earlier ones use images from moments in the keynote, while recent years use the images Apple sent out in media invitations. It’s brilliant, useful, immediately made me realize Apple used to hold a lot more keynote events than it does today thanks to the now-defunct Macworld Expo. To the creators of NotesKey, nice job!

Check It Out: Every Apple Keynote Since 1997 at a Glance

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  1. Bryan Chaffin

    geoduck, not all of those keynote events in Steve Jobs’s early years involved product announcements. There were many more events, but not that many more product announcement events. Just another idle thought. 🙂

  2. geoduck

    Notice how many more Apple had in years past. I counted seven in several years and six in many others. The last few years we’ve had three. No wonder interest and excitement are flagging. Apple is simply not trotting out and introducing new stuff as often. They really need to spread it out and not have these two hour marathons three times per year. Heck, Swift could have had one all by itself. Have one for iPhone and another one for iPad, and another for macs. TC doesn’t have to be at all of them. Spread out the pain a bit. But get attention more often. Otherwise the perpetual critics rule the airwaves for most of the year.

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