This New Browser App Helps Spot Fake Amazon Reviews

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Fakespot launched a browsing app on Wednesday to help detect fake Amazon reviews, counterfeits, and unreliable sellers. Features include: Fakespot Review Grades: An easy-to-understand A to F grading system lets you know in seconds whether consumer reviews are reliable and can be trusted; Fakespot Adjusted Rating: See a product’s real star rating by using only reliable reviews; Fakespot Guard Seller Ratings: Know if a seller is reliable before you buy. If they are unreliable and there is a better seller, we will let you know. Save time and money by buying from only the best sellers; Fakespot Highlights: Stop reading through thousands of reviews, Highlights is all you need to know about a product’s quality, competitiveness, pricing, shipping, and packaging. Great for in-store shopping too; and many more features.

Check It Out: This New Browser App Helps Spot Fake Amazon Reviews

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