First Look at ‘Invasion’ Coming to Apple TV+

Alongside three new trailers, Apple TV+ also released a first look at the forthcoming sci-fi series Invasion. The series from Simon Kinberg (X-MenDeadpool, The Martian) and Dave Weill (Hunters) was hit with a COVID-induced pause but resumed filming in August last year. However, the first three episodes will finally become available to subscribers on October 22.

Check It Out: First Look at ‘Invasion’ Coming to Apple TV+

One thought on “First Look at ‘Invasion’ Coming to Apple TV+

  • Is there anything, even one single scene, that hasn’t been already done in the hundreds of similar alien invasion movies/tv series? No. This is yet another uninspired rehashing of stale old tropes. I could write a better series than this dreck, and I’m a terrible writer.

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