I see dead people…in virtual reality! Fisk University, HTC VIVE, T-Mobile, and VictoryXR have teamed up to launch an interactive 5G-powered VR human cadaver lab for students in pre-med and biology-related majors. Inside the lab, students will examine the internal organs of various human systems, and the professor can even remove the organs from the body and pass them around for students to hold and open. Students will have the ability to enlarge the organ to a size large enough where they can even step inside to better learn how it works. In addition to organ systems, the cadavers will also include complete skeletal and muscle structures.

Check It Out: Fisk University, T-Mobile Launch 5G VR Human Cadaver Lab

Fisk University, T-Mobile Launch 5G VR Human Cadaver Lab

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  1. W. Abdullah Brooks, MD


    It is hard to express just how cool this really is; particularly being able to enlarge structures and organs that, in real life (like bone articulations), may be hard to appreciate. For a time, medical schools were having difficulty with cadaver supply, which appears to have changed.

    However, until we get tactical feedback (seems someone at TMO just wrote about this recently), it will be difficult to accurately replicate the feel of tissues; which in fairness you do not get in gross anatomy (formaldehyde changes the texture of soft tissues), but in gross pathology (autopsies).

    Anticipate Apple and others engaging in this, and taking it to that next level for, not only medical students and practitioners, but consumers for health applications with realtime feedback from their own biometric data, but in easily interpretable analogue format.

    Can you hear that? The future is knocking at the door.

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