As a fellow who earned his living in front of a computer, I’ve been interested in all the recent approaches to changing how we work. It’s hard to know if these things will prove a fad, but things like standing desks are growing in popularity. Enter FlexiSpot, a new project on Kickstarter that is part exercise bike (with a desk) and part standing desk. It seems clever to me, and the company is past the halfway point in its funding goal of $50,000, with 26 days to go. The seat is adjustable, as is the height of the desk. You can also slide the desk back over the seat so you can use it as a standing desk. There are a few Early Bird funding options left at $349 that get you a FlexiSpot. Delivery is estimated for November of 2017.

Check It Out: FlexiSpot on Kickstarter Combines Bike Desk and Standing Desk

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