A new video provides a guided tour around Jamestown – the first lunar base built on For All Mankind. The fictional base was designed to be as realistic as possible for the Apollo era. The tour is conducted by Garrett Reisman, a former Astronaut, and International Space Station crew member. Mr. Reisman served as a technical advisor on the Apple TV+ series.

Check It Out: ‘For All Mankind’: Astronaut Tours Lunar Base

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  1. wab95

    A very nice tour, worth the <5 min diversion.

    There is a rumour that one Mr John M is not a fan of ‘FAM’, but perhaps I’m misinformed. Alternative histories are the natural but illegitimate spawn of quantum theory (see Brian Greene’s, The Hidden Reality), and the entertainment world, notably sci-fi, is lousy (as in infested) with the stuff. Yours truly is a shameless and unrepentant fan of both the series and the genre, as the latter opens the mind to numerous possibilities and options, as well as possible conduits from our own present to a potentially better future.

    For those that follow NASA history, there are ample rewards in terms of attention to not only technical detail, but to those of minor events that did happen, as well as of either real events or background discussions where an alternative decision could easily have been made – and almost was (eg the convening of high level discussions for a joint American-Soviet moon programme, which was explored by a sitting POTUS).

    In any case, at least one household is looking forward to FAM Season 2.

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