Get Into Aerial Videography by … Throwing Your Phone?

This upcoming product is either brilliant or foolhardy. German startup AERVIDEO hopes to “democratize the previously inaccessible art of aerial cinematography” by helping you safely throw your phone. Five years ago, the company launched a housing for the GoPro line of action cameras. This accessory, which looks like a rubber lawn dart with a soft box instead of a sharp tip, lets people throw their GoPro cameras around. During the uncontrolled flight, GoPro owners got some unique and amazing aerial video footage. Now, the founders of AERVIDEO want to bring this to the smartphone world. They say they’ve tested it extensively already, even throwing an iPhone off a six-story building. AERVIDEO manufactures the accessory from expanded polypropylene foam, polypropelyene plastic, and carbon fiber. It’s buoyant, so your phone will float at the surface if it comes down in water.

Check It Out: Get Into Aerial Videography by … Throwing Your Phone?

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