Maps gives us a taste of augmented reality in iOS 11 beta. Okay, Apple hasn’t made its ARKit technology fully available yet. Still, that can’t stop Cupertino from including the technology in the latest beta of iOS 11. To see it, you need only do a Flyover in one of the supported cities. Interestingly, not all of the listed cities are still available for Flyover – Akron, Ohio was not, but Cleveland, Ohio was. When you tap Flyover, you’ll enjoy an AR-fueled view. You’ll love flying over the buildings like a superhero as you walk around panning and tilting your iPhone camera. It’s definitely worthy of the name “Cool Stuff Found.” Watch it in action below, and be sure to look at our coverage of other ARKit demonstrations available. Tip o’ the hat to Leon Nisenfeld, a MGG listener and follower on Facebook, for cluing us into this find.

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