GlassFusion 360 is a new Apple Watch screen protector from InvisibleShield. Designed for the Series 4 and Series 5 models, it gives you protection from any angle, absorbs impact and disperse shock, and comes with a polycarbonate bumper to protect your Watch’s bezel. InvisibleShield offers a limited lifetime warranty. If your GlassFusion 360 is worn or damaged, the company will replace it for free for as long as you own your Apple Watch. You can buy one on ZAGG’s website for US$39.99.

Check It Out: GlassFusion 360 is a new Apple Watch Screen Protector

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  1. tedlandau

    At the risk of sounding cranky, who needs a protector for an Apple Watch? It seems like a solution in search of a problem. I mean…people have owned watches that cost many times more than an Apple Watch (e.g. Rolex) and have survived quite nicely for decades without protectors. The Apple Watch is already clunky enough in appearance without unnecessarily marring it further. Sure, I can imagine situations where a protector might save the watch from some damage. But I could say the same about wearing a helmet on my head 24 hours a day. Sometimes the risks are not high enough to offset the downsides.

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