GoCuBe is a Rubik’s Cube That Links to Your Phone

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Think of GoCube as a smart Rubik’s Cube. It’s a three-dimensional speed-cube, equipped with sensors to track and measure activity (even when disconnected) and an inertial measurement unit to track the cube’s position. It consumes low power via its rechargeable battery and connects through Bluetooth 5.0 to the GoCube app. The app provides a real-time display of the cube, analyzes movement, and enables fun interactive tutorials so anyone can learn and enjoy cubing. As users work through the tutorials, they develop their problem solving skills and grow their understanding of cube logic. It teaches players to solve a classic puzzle, sharpen their skills and compete with cubers around the world. Various pre-packaged games and options are available to play with friends in person and online. GoCube is now available for US$69 on Kickstarter.

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