John “The Devil’s Advocate” Kheit unboxes his brand new Microsoft Surface Keyboard and Microsoft Surface Ergonomic Keyboard. He looks at build and materials, keys, design, and feel in his quest to find a wireless keyboard with a 10–key numeric pad to use with his Mac.

Check It Out: Hands-On with Microsoft Surface Keyboard and Surface Ergonomic Keyboard

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  1. Thilo Trilo

    Is it really possible to pair the Ergonomic keyboard with a Mac? I tried several times on a MBP Mid 2015 running macOS Sierra 10.12.3. The keyboard shows up in the Mac bluetooth settings but I am not able to confirm the pairing by typing the number displayed on my screen. Any hints?

  2. John Kheit

    John Q and George, thanks so much for the heads up. I’ve ordered the matias and am keeping my fingers crossed that ‘it will be the one’!

  3. John Q

    Kanex fulfilled the dream of an extended BT wireless keyboard with their Multisync Aluminum keyboard a while ago.

    It’s really Al, like Apple’s wired keyboard, supports four devices, and no compromises with a Windows layout. Same MSRP as the MS keyboard.

  4. Lee Dronick

    “I always found BT devices to be unstable, unreliable”

    I think that a lot depends on the version of bluetooth and the device design, My Jabra cellphone earpiece is flaky and doesn’t connect well when the iPhone is on the opposite side of mynbody, butmthe Jabra visor mount works very well and connects at quite a distance. My Samsung sound bar for the TV has unreliable commection line-of-sight at 12′. My Big JamBox comnection is excellent and far reaching, same with the Apple Watch.

    I like my wired Apple keyboard because of the keypad. Yeah, why can’t Apple make a full sized bluetooth keyboard.

  5. furbies

    Totally off topic, but yet again I agitate for Mr Kheit to do a “review” of his desktop/workspace. I want to see how he does the “second” display “worksurface”

  6. Rick Allen

    The ergonomic keyboard looks like it has promise. Yet I am a long time mechanical key switch person on my desk top computers. I use laptop / tablet keyboards when I have to, yet not my favorite thing to type on. I also don’t know why it seems that now everyone wants their desktop peripherals to be wireless. I like that I never have to worry about either my mouse or keyboard being non responsive if left idle. I am also one that does not feel that my permanent workstation keyboard needs to be so thin and tiny (Apple seems to have a thin and tiny fetish)

    I have had previous versions of the Apple wireless keyboard and I don’t know why they don’t just put one out with number pad. Perhaps they have key counters that tell them how many people use the 10 key and other keys.

  7. geoduck

    OK I never liked BlueTooth. I always found BT devices to be unstable, unreliable, and the batteries died whenever you really didn’t want them to. Well, last week I got my new iMac and it came with Apple’s BT mouse and keyboard. Much to my surprise they work very well. I honestly have to say I was wrong about BT. It’s great. After a week of hard use the mouse is at ~70% and the keyboard is still indicating 100% so battery life is no problem. Over the weekend we were sitting on the couch watching something on the iMac and could use the BT keyboard from feet away to adjust volume and such. Nice.

    HOWEVER, why didn’t Apple include a full keyboard? This GIANT 27″ desktop computer came with a tiny keyboard fit for a MacBook, with a very shallow key travel and no number pad. The one he shows in the video. I have learned to like BT, I just wish the stock Apple keyboard was appropriate for a desktop computer.

  8. Jamie

    I very much prefer a full-sized keyboard, as I spend a lot of time on the numeric key pad, page up and down keys, and arrow keys. Thought I was the only one. Thanks for the review!

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