An app called Heart Reports lets you export Apple Health data as a beautiful, human-readable PDF for your doctor. There are six different reports that you can generate: Heart Rate Report: minimum, maximum, and average heart rate data, heart rate variability(HRV), graphs, and more; Blood Pressure Report: scatter and simple line graphs of your blood pressure readings combined with the corresponding heart rate, body temperature, and 12-hour nutritional intake values(sodium, caffeine, carbohydrates); Blood Sugar Report: all of your blood glucose readings with nutritional intake values, heart rate ranges, and classifications based on your diabetes type; Activity Report: four charts from your step count, burned calories, BMI, and body weight; Sleep Report: visualized sleep cycles with heart rate data, asleep, awake, and in-bed times, nutritional values, and more; Blood Oxygen Report: all of your blood oxygen readings with minimum, maximum and average data, combined with your heart rate info. App Store: US$2.99

Check It Out: Export Apple Health Data for Your Doctor With ‘Heart Reports’

Export Apple Health Data for Your Doctor With ‘Heart Reports’

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  1. geoduck

    This is great and I’ll look at getting it. But reporting should have been part of the Health App from day one. How Apple could have overlooked this basic function is a mystery.

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