Hitler has a long history of responding with outrage to various tech industry events. But this time, he’s particularly acid in his response to Apple’s October 27 “hello again” event. “OK. OK. They always start with the small stuff. What were the big announcements?” When his staff has to to tell him that all we got was a new pair of MacBook Pros with a Touch Bar, Hitler goes on a rampage that will have you rolling on the floor with laughter. Check it out.

Check It Out: Hitler is Outraged by Apple’s ‘hello again’ Event

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  1. vpndev

    Microsoft actually did Apple a huge favor by announcing first.

    Sure, the press is dinging on Apple for a less-than-spectacular announcement. But the new MBPs will be sort-of nice. When they arrive, that is.

    But can you imagine the coverage if Apple had announced first with a “meh” desktop update? I can, and it ain’t pretty. A thinner iMac (why) and smaller Mini (again, why). And maybe a zoomier trashcan? Why?

    Apple is on notice that there is a fight for the creative part of the market. It thought that it didn’t have to worry about that, and now it knows otherwise. Time to get the popcorn – this one will be interesting to watch unfold.

  2. msix

    LMFAO!!! Wonderful. Amazing. Apple better wake up. I’m so tired of my loyalty in my business being taken for granted. My best tools are almost ALL now available on Windows!!! And it’s going to be no big deal to move.

  3. MarcusNewton

    This video is a perfect reaction to the Apple event. I couldn’t stop laughing.

    Also, these kinds of videos is what happens when a company’s core audience is abandoned. Don’t mess with creative professionals.

    I loved the point about Jony Ive not bothering to show up in person.

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