Hewlett-Packard has just announced a desktop PC to drool over. It’s about the size of a Mac mini but has many more features. First, it’s stackable. One can add modules like Bang & Olufsen speakers, an optical drive, an external drive module, and a VESA mounting plate. It logs on with an optional fingerprint sensor. Power and I/O is via USB-C, but it also has conventional USB-A ports, a port for Ethernet and DisplayPort video. There’s an Intel Core i7 and you can put a whopping 32 GB of RAM in it. There’s a lot to like about the way HP has approached this new, beautiful product. Available later this month, starting at US$429.

Check It Out: HP Announces a Drool Worthy Desktop PC: the Elite Slice

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  1. svanthem

    Uh huh.

    Haven’t used an optical drive in 10 years.

    My Mac Mini is stacked on top of a 4 TB external drive.

    A speaker?

    Yeah it’s cheap. HP stuff is crap.

    Drool-worthy? Pass.

  2. Jamie

    It is indeed beautiful, it makes the Mac Pro look like even more of a Cube maneuver, but I would have to run Windows (Linux is not going to cut it for me), and therein lies the hitch. 🙁 I have done the work I do at agencies on Windows over the years, and I’m sorry, it still really sucks in comparison to OS X in just about every way imaginable, and Windows 10 is the worst of all. If Apple doesn’t care about Mac hardware anymore, maybe it’s time to license. I doubt it, though. Unfortunately, now that their target audience is clearly teenage girls, I doubt that Apple’s ‘vision’ will suit anyone doing real pro work in the near term, either. I would absolutely love to be wrong.

  3. John Martellaro

    I doubt you could easily install macOS. But I’ve asked HP if one could install Linux. My guess is that you could. All the Z workstations support Linux. I’ll update when I hear from HP.

  4. JonGl

    Ha, @iJack! I was thinking the same thing!!! I’ll be looking into this, for sure.

    Thing is, all I need my desktop for is running Creative Cloud… hm…

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