If You Want to Relax, Massage Your Eyes

If you’ve ever found yourself rubbing your eyes to try soothing a headache or just relax, this cool device might be for you. The Mintal eye massager brings you a dark environment, gentle warming, and massage to your eyes. The inventors performed advanced analysis of facial structures among 300 volunteers. It fits comfortably on your face, blocks out most light, and cradles your eyes. The eye massager operates in several modes including heat, massage, and music to aid your relaxation. It contains 6 airbags that warm up in about 5 seconds. The Mintal eye massager can massage your eyes and provide 107.6ยบ F of warmth to sooth your mood, help relieve a headache, or just get you ready to sleep. The accessory even connects to your iPhone via Bluetooth, and can play your favorite music through its built-in speakers. The battery is rated to last up to 12 hours, and it folds 180 degrees for storage. I’ve begun testing the accessory myself, so look for a full review in the near future.

Check It Out: If You Want to Relax, Massage Your Eyes

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