IK Multimedia introduced bass modeling software for the Mac called MODO Bass. The company claims it reproduces a physical bass, including the way humans interact with the instrument, and that it can produce “virtually every electric bass sound.” Models out of the box include a Rick 4003, a Gibson EB-0, a 70s Fender Precision, a modern Fender Jazz, and several more. Each sound can be tweaked with effects and modeled amps. It looks really good, though I haven’t played with it yet. Retail is $299.99, but IK Multimedia has a pre-order price of $149.99. It ships in November.

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  1. ikmultimedia

    Thank you for your point of view (and kind words). Note, though, that we agree that playing a bass guitar is a great endeavor and we have a few bassists on staff, including one of the top minds involved in IK’s innovative modeling including MODO BASS. And yes, it can be fun.

    However, you don’t need to be a keyboard whiz or to labor over the keyboard playing aspect in order to lay down realistic and amazing-sounding bass tracks with MODO BASS. This is not just a product for real-time performance, it is a product that shines when you are recording bass tracks. Just playing your MIDI controller without many “gymnastics” will result in a VERY realistic part, you may be surprised at how realistic, due to the nature of the product. The easiest way to explain this is that we modeled not only the bass but the bass player.

    At this point, you’ve laid down an already surprisingly realistic track very easily. Next, with keyswitching and automation in your DAW, you can make adjustments to your MODO BASS bass track to make it even more realistic than it was when you recorded it by playing your MIDI controller.

    The initial pass is already very realistic, and you can tweak your MIDI and automation afterward without much effort and with an extremely realistic bass track that listeners would not know was not a real bass player.

    On top of that, instead of a $150 bass tone, you have the exact sound of one of 12 iconic basses. With the electronics you’ve chosen and positioned freely (go ahead and put that humbucker on a violin bass, we won’t judge). With some under-bridge piezo blended in. With the playing style(s) you’ve chosen and the stroke and touch perfect for the song. With variances in hand position, muting, and more subtleties. With strings whose type, gauge, and even AGE that you’ve chosen. With amps, cabs, and effects utilizing our renowned modeling technology (or sent out to AmpliTube for even more tonal choices).

    We ABSOLUTELY encourage people to grab a bass and play. Playing bass, or any instrument, is something that cannot be described to those who don’t know that joy. But you have to admit that the ability to do what is described above is very cool and can result in huge satisfaction in what you’ve created.

  2. CudaBoy

    IK’s authentication process is a PITA, but they do make good stuff. I highly recommend their free download of Custom Shop app . It comes with 30 free instruments incl. a great grand piano, a Hohner Clav, some drums and other goodies – you can’t beat free, you just need OS 10.7 or later.
    The MODO looks cool – and this is just my opinion, but if you can play the keyboard well enough to track a bass part you should just buy a $150 Ibanez bass and have some real fun rather than waste time trying to make a fake bass track sound like a real one plus it’s more fun. Of course having an arsenal of Rickys and Jazz basses along with Paul’s Hofner is kind of cool – but only “virtual” as it were.

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