An Ingenious Flying Car Concept From Airbus

An Ingenious Flying Car Concept From Airbus

When we think about flying cars, an idea that goes back more than 50 years, we often think of awkward technical concepts. Where does one stow the wings when driving? How does the designer efficient.y handle the propulsion for both roads and air? Airbus has come up with an ingenious solution, brilliant in fact. The autonomous drone comes and lifts the passenger module away. Digital Trends has the story and the demo video. It’s still just a concept, and a real product is 7 to 10 years away, according to Airbus. And then there’s the issue of FAA regulations even if it’s autonomous in all modes. Could be very cool. And no more sitting idle in rush hour traffic.

Check It Out: An Ingenious Flying Car Concept From Airbus

3 thoughts on “An Ingenious Flying Car Concept From Airbus

  • I’m thinking the range for flying would be 10 miles at most.
    And why put a SMART car as the design model, it’s like electric or autonomous, how ugly can we make it…

  • I was ready to get all snarky and find faults…but that’s really cool. I like it. Autonomy solves a lot of the issues with traffic, and congestion, and making sure someone isn’t too drunk to drive/fly. I really like the idea.

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