Podcasters Interview the Team Behind ‘Pegasus Project’ About Pegasus Spyware

Podcasters Interview the Team Behind ‘Pegasus Project’ About Pegasus Spyware

The Season 2 premiere of the One Decision podcast includes an episode featuring the people behind Pegasus Project, the effort to expose the pervasive government abuse of NSO Group’s Pegasus spyware against its own citizens. Danna Ingleton of Amnesty Tech and Laurent Richard of Forbidden Stories join host Michelle Kosinski for their behind-the-scenes perspective on why this leak is just the tip of the iceberg, the alarming sophistication of this invisible attack, and what it means for all of us.

Check It Out: Podcasters Interview the Team Behind ‘Pegasus Project’ About Pegasus Spyware

One thought on “Podcasters Interview the Team Behind ‘Pegasus Project’ About Pegasus Spyware

  • Andrew:

    Many thanks for sharing. It made for interesting lunchtime listening.

    That said, I had three takeaways from the discussion.

    One was the absence of a high-level overview of surveillance and monitoring, and where a tool like the Pegasus spyware would fit in that toolbox. This is not a whole population tool. Targets are not being selected by serendipity; and other tools are in use to identify the targets. As such, though detailed, the discussion was incomplete.

    The second was what the list of clients tells us about the espionage industry writ large; namely that these clients are all smaller low and predominantly middle income countries (granted India is not small by population, but it is middle in terms of global economic footprint) with limited technological espionage prowess, but a high autocratic quotient, intent on quashing exposure and internal dissent. Just as with other technologies, these countries can contract for electronic espionage solutions, and they do.

    The third was that this is the ‘commercial’ solution that the media know of, and is doubtless not even the only solution for hire, nor would it be hired out were it state of the art (no parent government would want to risk reverse engineering of their most sophisticated tech, and would quash its private party sale/licensing to third party countries). The technologies being used by larger countries with longer histories of espionage (and bigger budgets) would be even more sophisticated and stealthy.

    A sobering listen, for anyone interested in the topic.

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