If you use hearing aids that are certified apple.com/programs/mfi/">Made For iPhone (MFi), you may have noticed a couple of bugs. A Reddit user mentions (via MacRumors) that his Resound 9-series hearing aids had problems with FaceTime and Find My iPhone. He noticed that the ringing associated with outgoing FaceTime calls routed through his iPhone speaker instead of his hearing aids, even though it worked with other Bluetooth devices. Additionally, the pinging that Find My iPhone uses played through his hearing aids, rather than on the missing device, which made it impossible to find his phone. iOS 10.2 fixed both issues, something the hearing-impaired community will no doubt be delighted to learn. Apple maintains a list of MFi-certified hearing aids on its website.

Check It Out: iOS 10.2 Fixed Issues With MFi Hearing Aids

iOS 10.2 Fixed Issues With MFi Hearing Aids

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  1. Graham McKay

    Good to “hear” this. I’ve recently started using hearing aids (from Costco, by ReSound) that connect to my iPhone & in general it is a very good thing but there are a few nuisances related to audio routing.

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