The folks at iupdateos have made a great iOS 12 concept video with all kinds of features we might hope to see in the real deal. It includes group FaceTime calls with an interface that works, and demonstrations of a Dark Mode interface that looks great. it also shows a great dynamic wallpaper I wish Apple would bring to iOS. I’d love for my Lock Screen to be dynamic. Another nice feature are Lock Screen complications. The one thing about the Notch on iPhone X I don’t like is that I can’t see whether I set my alarm from the Lock Screen. There’s one more thing I love about this video and that’s how well it’s done. The folks who made it did a terrific job. What do you think?

Check It Out: This iOS 12 Concept Video Has Group FaceTime, Dark Mode, and Other Cool Features

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  1. Wsman2

    Up until the beginning of May, there was an add-on to Messages that allowed for group FaceTime. It was called “Fam”.

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