4K Video Comparison between iPhone 7 Plus and Pro Gear

Starting with the iPhone 6s, the camera can shoot 4K video. But how good is that video? Surely, it can’t be as good as an $82,000 professional rig. And it isn’t. In this YouTube video, the Arri Alexa does a 4K video comparison between an iPhone 7 Plus and a pro rig with several side-by-side shots. While the iPhone does a decent job, the comparison and analysis plainly show why you wouldn’t use it for a major theatrical movie. Bottom line, the iPhone is pretty good, but the Arri Alexa records the scenes, especially in low light and warm colors, more like your eyes would actually see them. It’s fascinating, and because of the cost-differential, the take away should be how close iPhone 7 gets, rather than it not being as good.

Check It Out: 4K Video Comparison between iPhone 7 Plus and Pro Gear

2 thoughts on “4K Video Comparison between iPhone 7 Plus and Pro Gear

  • Alexa is amazing.

    Won’t be long before an iPhone catches up in terms of smoothness and richness.
    Perhaps by the time there is an iPhone 9 there won’t be as stark a difference.

    Still all of that is only when you limit the Alexa system to fit what an iPhone can do. Alexa is vastly more versatile as it should be.

    But for the everyday user…. having the smoothness and quality of shots without any stutter would be pretty amazing. Next we need Multi-focal shots where everything is in focus and you can pick your focus point after the fact.

  • Oddly I liked the colors and contrast choices made by the iPhone more than the Alexa. Where the pro camera was better was lack of grain in darker shots and flexibility, and also, there was some shudder in motion on the iPhone that was more smooth on the Alexa.

    But most of the shots had better composition on the iPhone IMO.

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