Wow! Check out this portable hole app, posted to Twitter as a video by ΛLGΘMΨSΓIC (that’s @algomystic). According to the tweet, it was built with the Unity Engine, and uses ARKit’s Face Tracking feature to fool your eye. The app itself is in review at the App Store. I can’t wait to check it out!

Check It Out: This iPhone Portable Hole Uses ARKit Face Tracking to Fool Your Eyes

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  1. aardman

    Prime number theory was also thought to be a totally useless mathematician’s vanity until . . . encryption.

    As for AR, it’s pretty obvious that it won’t come anywhere close to its full potential until a truly practical visor is developed. I think people just might be working on that.

  2. CudaBoy

    I think everybody has pointed a camera at a monitor to get the same effect – only better.
    no post effects, all in-camera, no code needed. 😴

  3. geoduck

    Woah, dude that is so cooool!
    Using ARkit to produce forced perspective opens up a lot of neat options, from vastly better 3D gaming, to movies and video that have real depth. 3D video without glasses. Using the face sensor in this way personalizes, if you will, the 3D video making it appear more realistic.

  4. John Kheit

    So totally neato effect. But totally pet rock. AR is a big bunch of noise and nothing substantial so far. Hype train.

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