There’s been discussion for a while now that Jony Ive was on his way out at Apple, or that he was trying to leave. My favorite was when being promoted to the C-Suite in Cupertino was somehow proof that he was leaving. That doesn’t make sense. Seems Apple’s new coffee table book, Designed by Apple in California, is also being seen as some kind of swan song for Sir Jony. John Gruber’s The Talk Show podcast added fuel to such speculation, but Mr. Gruber posted a written piece arguing the opposite was his intent, saying: “Fundamentally I think Jony Ive loves Apple, feels a responsibility to the legacy of his collaboration with Steve Jobs, and that whatever aspirations he has for the remainder of his career, personally, they’re only possible at Apple.” I agree with that. Sir Jony has a bit more freedom these days to do side projects like Claridge’s Christmas Tree, but he’s not leaving Apple for a long while to come. Mr. Gruber’s piece is solid analysis, and I recommend it.

Check It Out: John Gruber on Jony Ive’s Role at Apple

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  1. Old UNIX Guy

    I don’t know whether it’s Jony Ive or the two guys Apple named to replace his former job functions when he was named CDO … but whoever is responsible for the lack of product updates AND this obsession with thinness – even at the expense of functionality – that borders on mental illness … please, Apple, please fire them.

    Scott Forstall may have been a jerk, but at least Apple shipped quality software and products when he was there.

    No one had a “man crush” on Bertrand Serlet like so many seem to do with Craig Federighi, but at least Apple’s software wasn’t buggy crap when he was in charge.

    Just saying…

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