Jonathan Morrison Perfect iMac Pro Setup

Jonathan Morrison was lucky enough to get an early hands-on experience with Apple’s new iMac Pro, and he thinks it looks pretty awesome. He tricked out the new model with a cool desk and speakers, and made what he calls the perfect iMac Pro setup. It does look pretty awesome, and he’s already hard at work on some serious video editing. Check out his video showing the dream iMac Pro setup.

Check It Out: Jonathan Morrison Perfect iMac Pro Setup

6 thoughts on “Jonathan Morrison Perfect iMac Pro Setup

    1. They would still need power. And from the connections on back it looks like typical setup where amp in and power are in one speaker and other is just a slave connected via a cable.

  • It is a sweet setup. Kind of funny that the speakers are just basic paperweights. Not hooked up. I know its just for the video and the super clean look; however it breaks the illusion of good setup for me.

    1. I had the exact same thought watching the video. I wanted to see how he ran the cables for those speakers, and it turns out he didn’t! In fact, the only cable he showed was the iMac power cable, and the one for the wireless charger. Doing it outside, I’m sure, impacted this a lot—too much time and effort to connect everything, only to have to tear it down after sunset. 🙂

      1. It looks like there is a groove towards the back of the table and from underneath it looks like a number of slots spaced along the width of the table. I am thinking that you use the groove and slots as a cable run.

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