Jony Ive’s Inside-Look Video for MacBook Pro with Touch Bar

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Apple posted Sir Jony Ive’s inside-look introductory video for the new MacBook Pro with Touch Bar. It walks us through the keyboard mechanism, the industrial design, the fans, the Retina Display (showing the many layers it’s made from), the larger trackpad, Touch Bar, and everything else. These videos are becoming legendary, with the designer’s amazing, calm, and charmingly British voice buoying us in a warm see of authoritative comfort. I always enjoy them, though he doesn’t personally appear in his customary white room.

Check It Out: Jony Ive’s Inside-Look Video for MacBook Pro with Touch Bar

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  1. Nice dramatic video but overall I’m not impressed with this new bar. Instead of dumping the Function Keys I’m sure there could have been a way to fit in this colorfully lit gizmo…. Without programming this Touch Bar for every app I use how do I pause iTunes or skip a song while in PhotoShop? With the function keys it was pretty easy. I guess if I buy this then I’ll have to program that function into every app that I use!

    Apple strikes again at fixing something that isn’t broken…..

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