YouTube on Apple TV is about to be fixed thanks to Kinescope. Kinescope is a YouTube client that wants to fix the recent controversial update that Google pushed. With this app you can watch YouTube videos in a native design, not Android’s Material Design. Like/dislike videos, auto-like, subscribe to channels, continue where you left off, and auto-play videos just as you would with the regular YouTube app. Kinescope is open-source, so there are no ads or subscriptions. Instead, you can support Kinescope on Patreon (which is still technically a subscription, but it’s optional). It’s not completely out yet, but you can visit the website and enter your email address to be notified when it does come out. Personally, I’m hoping it will be for iOS too, not just tvOS.

Check It Out: Meet Kinescope, an App That Aims to Fix YouTube on Apple TV

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