LAS VEGAS – I’ve seen a lot of pet tracking devices over the years, but haven’t taken any of them very seriously, but I’m giving Kyon a definite look. Here’s the quick and dirty, starting with the fact that it works with a hub. You set up a 300 foot geofence with that hub, and inside the fence, the tracker collar communicates via Bluetooth. Outside the fence, Kyon Tracker’s built-in SIM activates and you can track your dog via cellular networks. And of course, it talks to a smartphone app. It does some other smart things, like having a built-in LED display for simple messages. Like, “Hi, I’m lost.” Or the dog’s name. But it also has 12 sensors that measure things like temperature, and the collar can then tell you, “I’m hot,” or “I’m cold.” There’s a water-sensing sensor. You can also have it emit a dog-only frequency when your dog barks. It’s thin, the battery lasts for 30 days, and it’s priced at $249 and shipping later this year.

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