Yeah, so the folks at LEGO might be crazy. I mean, real crazy. They built an actual-size replica of a Bugati Chiron supercar and then drove it. Fine, sure, it has a steel frame, a couple of batteries, some 3D printed gears, an electrical motor of some sort, and it rolls on real Bugati wheels. It’s otherwise made out of LEGO Technic bricks and pieces. And the spoiler rises and falls with the push of a button, the doors open and close, and the speedometer—made of Technic pieces—is functional. Come on, that’s crazy! And they spent 13,500 man hours doing it. And then they took the whole thing for a drive? They got it up to 13 miles per hour, for goodness’ sake. Just look at the driver sitting in his LEGO Technic seat. This is heroically insane. The whole thing. And a brilliant stunt. Check out the video, and TechCrunch has a bunch of photographs of this madman’s exercise being built.

Check It Out: So LEGO Built a Life-Size Bugati Chiron from LEGO Technics, and Drove It

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