I love how LEGO inspires creativity, and I’m always impressed with the amazing new things people create with the bricks. That’s why I’m a so excited about the latest Ideas kit that’s about to be released: the LEGO Ideas Pop-up Book. It was submitted by Grant Davis and Jason Allemann. It lets you recreate the Jack and the Beanstalk or Little Red Riding Hood stories, includes Little Red Riding Hood, Grandmother, the Wolf, the Giant minifigures, and a Jack microfigure. It also works just like a real pop-up book because you can open and close it and watch the scene unfold or collapse. The LEGO Ideas Pop-up Book includes 859 bricks and is priced at US$69.99. It’ll be available on November 1st.

Check It Out: Build Your Own Pop-up Book with LEGO

Build Your Own Pop-up Book with LEGO
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