James Bond’s Aston Martin DB5 is an incredibly cool car, which is why I’m inappropriately excited it’s now a LEGO kit. Just like the car Sean Connery drove as agent 007, it has retractable tire slashers, rear window bullet shield, headlight machine guns, hidden tracking computer, and ejection seat that really works. It has the frakking ejection seat! The 1,295 piece kit is available now to LEGO VIP members and the general public can buy it soon, too.

Check It Out: LEGO James Bond Aston Martin DB5: Shut Up and Take My Money

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  1. Paul Walsh

    The real answer is in between these two weirdly enough – Lego do reuse all their pieces – quite incredibly sometimes: a piece from a spaceship can end up in a medieval market stall – and even in the Aston most of those pieces have been around a long time and may well exist in 10s or 100s of other kits ( bricklink will tell you .. ) . For me the problem is simple – reusing bricks is wonderful, making new bricks (like the triangle brick introduced a couple of years back by the genius Adrian Florea) happens occasionally – which is fine – but why does lego really have to try to copy the real world ? . With limited bricks: their simple dimensions and geometry .. copying real world objects is always going to be a compromise – imagination, fantasy – that’s the way forward .. 🙂 Forget about the old guys who want to own an Aston Martin or Ferrari .. 🙁

  2. aardman

    Used to be, Lego blocks were toys that encouraged creativity. But nowadays, their products are just poorly executed scale model kits. The parts for this kit are designed to be put together only one way, it’s not an exercise in imagination but in one’s ability to follow a strict set of instructions. From fostering creativity to training kids to follow directions –my, how far Lego has gone. Then again, maybe they’re just reflecting how society has evolved.

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