LEGO and Star Wars are a pretty awesome combination, and one of their newest games takes that to a wonderfully fun new level with a virtual reality experience. The game is called The Last Jedi 3D Experience and it lets you build ships the Resistance and First Order use in their battle for control of the galaxy. The game plays in a web browser so you don’t need to install any special apps, and if you have Google Cardboard or View-Master VR for your iPhone it’s over-the-top cool. The Last Jedi 3D Experience is free and you can check out the game at the LEGO website.

Check It Out: Want to Dive Into a 3D LEGO Star Wars World? Check Out The Last Jedi 360 Experience

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  1. ziploc


    two things…

    1) You don’t need to download Google Cardboard to view this game in Cardboard. If you go to the link above on your iPhone (turned horizontally) there will be a Cardboard logo next to the words “Best Experienced on Mobile with Cardboard” at the bottom of the page, tap on that and you are in Cardboard mode.

    2) Google Cardboard is certainly on the App Store, when I search for “Google Cardboard” on my iPhone it is the very first result, then followed by the bunch of VR apps you mentioned.

  2. palmac

    Where do you find the Google Cardboard app? Every link I’ve found so far directs me to the now-defunct iTunes app store, and a search on the iOS app store turns up nothing on the app itself but lots of VR apps that make use of Google Cardboard. Anyone know where to get the app itself?

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