Linksys announced the Velop Plug-in, a smaller version of its Velop mesh nodes. The idea is to make it less expensive to extend your mesh Wi-Fi network than using all tower nodes, which is how Velop was launched. The Plug-ins can be plugged straight into a wall outlet, and do not have an ethernet port in them. They work in conjunction with at least one tower node. Large homes (or homes full of plaster like mine) can mix and match as needed. A kit with one tower and two Plug-ins is available now at $399 ($399 on Amazon)—the original three tower node kit is still available at $499 (currently $439.95 on Amazon). Later this year, Linksys said it will sell individual Plug-ins for $129 each.

Check It Out: Linksys Launches Velop Plug-in for Less Expensive Mesh Wi-Fi Extensions

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